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Ready Steady Go  (Online Examination & MockTest System)

Ready Steady Go is a Test Management Software to create and conduct computer based online examination. It is a most powerful ,Very fast & user friendly online examination system with secure server. You can create quiz, question bank, certification examination questions in any language. Useful for school, college, university, teachers, coachings and professors for managing question papers and examinations. Recruiting agencies, companies can use it for candidate's skills evaluation by conducting online test.

For schools, colleges, coachings, universities managing the examination has never been easy. Now school teachers and college/university professors can manage question papers very easily.

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Microfinance software

It is a Multi-User MIS application for Micro-finance. It combines basic Client data with Shares, Savings and Loan transactions and every entry is automatically updated in the General Ledger. The software also comes with an Assets' and Debtors/Creditors' module. In addition you can enter other accounting transactions and produce your financial statements at the end of the day.

handles individual clients, groups and businesses. Deposits and loans can be tracked at group level or at group-member level.This makes the program suitable for Solidarity lending, Village-Banking and Grameen-type lending.

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Pathology Managment Sofware

Offers solution for the efficient running of your pathology. We believe “YOUR PATHOLOGY REPORT CARRY THE IMPRESSION OF YOUR PROFESSION.”
This module covers .

Test Reports, Pathology Stocks, Collection, Referrals, Billing and more…
Patient Registration: Details of patient with tests to be performed
Patient Report Entry : Data value entry & remarks for tests performed. Patient Test Report Printing either particular test or group wise. Pending Report
Outstanding report can be printed, Doctor wise referrals : Summary and detailed report for doctor wise referral, Other Reports :Test wise detail, Organization wise report, collection boy report
X-Ray / USG / CT Scan Management Module and many more function

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Jewellery Shop Management software

It is Jewellery Management Software for Jewellery Shop. In Jewelry business, jewelers are maintaining their customers/karigars ledgers manually in which there are chances of human error/mistakes which may lead to loss in their business. It’s difficult to remember the customer’s history if jeweler had received any order or done any repair or alternation work.

In Selenova Jewelry software, inventory of customers can be easily maintain; Jeweler can check any previous history of the customer if he has done any alteration or repair work as it helps in tracking the sale.

Manage Jewellery Stock according to weight/set/Design wise.Manage Karigar account,
repairing stock and order stock.Making charge, wastage, costing Maintain purity wise.
modernized Showroom Management
Reduce Time to stock TallyEasy & Fast billing with Accuracy
Effective Purchase management to reduce costingCustomers Satisfaction & Business Improvement

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Hotel & Restaurant Management Software

HRMS (Hotel & Restaurant Management Software) is a simple yet powerful Hotel & Restaurant Management System developed exclusively for small & medium sized Hotels, Resorts, Motels and Restaurants. Provides an easy and fast computerization with less cost and training.HRMS is smartly designed for hotels/restaurants aiming at easy maintenance

Major Modules of Software

Front Office Management Module
House Keeping Module
Store Inventory Module
Integrated Inbuilt Accounting System
Bill Entry / KOT Entry / Total Sales in Single Screen
Table Booking facility ( Table Transfer & Merge Tables )
Top Item Sales Report
Cash Flow Report
Payment / Discount Summary and many more services

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Business ERP Software

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning software provides and cover variety of essential functions that integrates every department of your business around the world by providing real-time view of your data and processes. ERP also streamline every department workflows for better decision making and growth.

ERP software package can help your business in many ways some of them are as follows:

Financial management
HCM (Human Capital Management)
SCM (Supply Chain Management)
Project management
CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Manufacturing & Delivery methods
Third-party interoperability...and many more features

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Store Management Software

Store Management Software help you to maintain your supply and consumption level in your factory. This software keep track of required items and their inventory in the store room

Module Covered under this software are:

Sales Management
Service Management
Task Management
Call /Visit Tracking
Document Management
Forecast or Target Setup
Order Desk
Security Setup and many more service as per requirment .

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pharmacy/medical store Management Software

Pharmacy Management Software will be a future software which will maintain all Medical Shop record on computers no matter whether it is Sale Bill, Purchase Bill, Expiry Medicine etc. Fully networked based and will be managed by the latest technology tools. Software will be easy to use and fully graphical interface will be provided to the end user. This software will make your Pharmacy ‘WPP’ that means without paper pen

Pharmacy (Medical Store) Management Software Features

Product Master : Details of product, company, prices batch no., expiry date
Sale Bill : Sale Bill (Cash / Credit) entry and printing, Purchase Bill : Suppliers bills
Expiry report : Expiry report for medicines for any date can be printed
Medicine not sold report : Medicine not sold since last specified date
Medical store MIS : Daily summary of the Medical store activity
Register : Sale / Sale Return / Purchase, Current Stock Batch Wise / Medicine Wise. Daily Cash Collection Report etc.
Accounts Voucher Entry & Printing, Cash book, Bank book, Ledger, , Trial balance Sub trial balance
Balance sheet, Cash flow & Fund flow, Trading and Profit & Loss, Daily Transaction Summary
Outstanding receivable & payable etc...

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Smart E-Campus (Web Based School ERP )

Smart e-Campus is for an interface for students, faculty, parents & management to access the data of the ERP. Thus, the idea of Smart Campus was conceptualized by the Selenova Technologies Team.

Smart e-Campus is internet based web application which helps students, faculty, parents & administrative staff to use the data of Smart Campus, access relevant reports and handle day to day processes from any where in the campus or any where in the world. It lets the users to interact with basic operation & information of Smart Campus as it is an inherited web tool for Smart Campus.

Sofwtare Module

Student / Parents Login Module

Campus News,Homework ,Assignments ,Online leave application (both student & staff),
Due Fees report, Attendance Record
Academic Time Table,Exam Time Table ,Performance in Exam,Student Guidelines.
notes Downloads,Academic Calendar

Faculty Login

Attendance of students .Input Exam Date, Online leave application
Access Time Table .Access Exam Time Table
Attendance of students, Campus News.,Academic Calendar
Student Guidelines, Downloads

Administrative Login System

Academic Calendar,Online leave application Control
Student Fee Reports, Library Stock Report,Faculty Attendance Report , Access/Create Time Table.
Access/Create Exam Time Table, Faculty / Student Log, Access Attendance of students.
Campus News / Notice Manager,Student Guidelines, Faculty Listing,
Academic Calendar, Examination Management, SMS Alert.
Student Performance Report, Student Attendance Report ...and many more.

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Multi-Level Marketing Web Application

The Selenova MLM Software stands in a unique position in MLM Software Industry because this product comes with a variety of features like easy customization, automatic payment, SMS, E-Pin, E-Wallet, Website replication, E-Commerce, Multi-Currency and Multi-Language, Backup System, and a lot more.

MLM software Features

Easy to operate
Easy to Customize to any MLM Compensation Plan
Graphical Tree (Genealogy lookup)
Built With Modern Open Source Technologies
Automatic Payment Processing
Integrated with E-Commerce Shopping Cart
Strong Backup System
SMS Integration
Franchise Management
Various Reporting Systems..and many more..
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